Working with Elementals

Working with Elementals in Daily Life


Daskalos once asked Nick Demetry, “Do you consider yourself a Greek or an American?” Nick replied that he wasn’t sure. Daskalos responded that he considered himself a human being. Even though most spiritual traditions tend to focus on contemplation of God, meditation, and elevation of consciousness, we’ve chosen exercises to disengage from negative elementals of the human personality, allowing the natural flow of spiritual energies throughout every level of one’s being.

Sri Hari Poonjaji, in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi, says, “Enlightenment in simple; we just have to get out of the way.” According to Poonjaji, our cravings and identification with the world are our sources of suffering and blockage of self-realization. Poonjaji eloquently describes the enlightenment process through the image of a person walking through a thick forest that is slowly burning. As each tree burns, so does a desire that blocks us from realization of Self. The trees continue to burn until only one remains; this is the lust for freedom itself. This desire we must too burn.

Spiritual paths are sometimes seen as fostering escapism, dissociation, and the desire to be free of one’s current conditions. Therefore, we have chosen to use exercises which assist the student in disengaging association from those elementals which veil him/her from the spiritual light within. This light may then unfold naturally out of the simple intention of growing toward it.

Numerous masters have taught that the challenge is not to learn but to unlearn our personalities’ habits of thought, feeling, and action which block the natural flow of spirit.

When Daskalos was once asked about exercises to develop paranormal abilities, he replied, “Have patience, for as your consciousness evolves through purification of the personality, these abilities unfold in service to love.” The “casting out of demons,” or deenergizing negative elementals we have created, is a potent way to approach this necessary unlearning process. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”(Matthew 6:33)

Daskalos encouraged his students to do daily introspection exercises to clear the mirrors of the mind and emotions for spiritual growth and development. Based on his inspiration and our own experiences, we offer a few exercises and observations about beginning your work on elementals.


Daily Introspection Exercise

  • Every night review the day and identify problematic experiences.
  • Ask yourself, “What spiritual principles have I ignored?”
  • Ask, “What choice might I have made to align myself with the spiritual principles?”
  • Reframe the experience in accordance, with the principle broken.
  • Bring in the Beloved One and become your loving Self.
  • Replay the experience in accordance with the spiritual principles.

In working with these exercises, you will see progressive disengagement from elementals over time. This happens in the following stages:

  1. When you feel totally identified with the elemental you feel justified in criticizing, blaming, and feeling victimized by recurrent patterns in your life.
  2. You recognize the existence of the elemental, that it is playing itself out through you.
  3. You become aware of when the elemental is coming, i.e., you recognize its presence before it expresses itself through your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Still, you feel driven and can’t stop its effects.
  4. You know it’s coming, how it plays itself out, you know you are doing it yet the power of your observer is stronger. You watch yourself doing it, yet you still can’t stop it. This stage may go on for some time.
  5. You know it is coming like in the stage #4 above, but you go through with it with one added variable. You reframe the situation. For example, imagine you have a fight with your boss, a recurring issue. You sensed it was coming, it starts happening, you are watching yourself beginning to feel victimized, but as you shut the door, you realize it has nothing to do with the boss. It’s you! At this point you come back through the door and replay in your reality what you did in your exercise at night. Once you’ve begun to do this, you begin manifesting a positive elemental, surrendering your will to it instead of the negative one.
  6. When you sense it coming, you feel the choice to enact it or not and have more power to keep your own perspective rather than buying into it (i.e., the negative elemental and behavior).
  7. When it presents itself, you feel the freedom from it and you’re able to laugh about it.

In East Indian spirituality the first stages are equivalent to the play of Maya, the illusion that this happening is really outside oneself. In the next stage, which the Indians call laya, outer perceptions are recognized as projections of inner states and there is movement toward unity consciousness as awareness expands. In traditional psychological terms, the process of getting out of illusion involves first a movement from self-justification and blame to self-judgment. The danger of this stage, where a little observational ability has been gained, lies in the possibility of creating guilt and negativity and getting stuck there. The final stage is the stage of forgiveness, where one accepts what he or she goes through without either guilt or blame of others. At this point, one reaches compassion and recognizes that the elemental really wants to be transformed and attracted home by love.

Be cautioned that there are triggers for these elementals to be reactivated as you work with them. When an elemental returns to draw on your energy, it generally remains in the periphery of your energy field, waiting for a doorway to be opened into a chakra of corresponding vibration. Some key word or behavior on the part of someone, based on their own security, relationship, or social issues, opens the door; your distress over what’s happening eats up enough etheric vitality to weaken your field. The negative elementals“hunt” for any such weakness to gain entry. By analogy, the physical body harbors many viruses and bacteria. It cannot be harmed until the immune system is weakened by some stressor. Disease then can occur.

In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus said, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” Indeed, worry and emotional reaction tempts us to leave open the door. It is important to recognize that our elementals are our own creations and operate primarily through the Principle of Cause and Effect. Remember the Parable of the Sower, and that “what you sow, that shall ye also reap.”

A Visualization Exercise to Aid Introspection

    • Get in a comfortable position.
    • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
    • Center attention on the heart.
    • Visualize a full-length mirror in front of you.
    • As you look on yourself in the mirror, bring to mind a situation that exemplifies one of the nine core vices or a related negative elemental.
    • Imagine that elemental vice stands behind the mirror in whatever form it presents itself.
    • Call it forth into full view and look into its eyes.
    • Ask:
        (a) How do you sabotage me and those I love?
        (b) Why do I hold onto you?
        (c) What are you teaching me as I suffer?
    • Say:
        (d) I no longer need you.
        (e) I no longer choose to see you as myself.
        (f) I choose to become my loving Self.
  • Envelop the vice in flames of amber-golden light and allow it to be consumed.
  • Out of the flames allow your beloved Self to emerge in a halo of this amber light.
  • Receive this reflection of yourself into your heart.

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