Understanding Zorba

Understanding Zorba


I dance the pain until it stands
in acrid drops like olive brine
upon my face

I dance the crystalline tears
that long ago turned
my shoulders into stone

I dance the sorrow
of love turned to hatred
and hatred to indifference

I dance the fear of
loneliness and the anguish
of abandonment

I dance the anger
until it rages free
and runs down my arms
like rivers

I dance the disappointment
of expectations unfulfilled
and dreams too long deferred

I dance all my demons
into dust beneath my feet
sweeping them away
in spiraling centrifuge

Only then can I dance
that which sings
the heart and blood

In the space
between the spaces
that lie between the words

Where words have no meaning
I dance and joy IS . . .

(This poem describes the transformative ascent of the personality to its joy and liberation)

— Donna Overall