The Etherikos Resilience Process

The Etherikos Resilience Process™


At the Etherikos Center, we have pioneered a method to integrate spiritual healing and traditional psychotherapy. We call thisThe Etherikos Resilience Process.™

The Etherikos Resilience Process™ (E.R.P.) involves seven basic steps to healing:

  • The therapist induces the client into a meditative state of consciousness.
  • The therapist locates the Chakra center involved in the issue at hand.
  • The therapist and the client uncover the emotional defense.
  • The therapist and the client unravel the story that created that defense.
  • The therapist and the client discover the faulty (self-limiting) elemental thought that fuels the emotional defense.
  • The therapist and the client complete the understanding, forgiveness and surrender process.
  • The therapist supplies positive affirmations for the client to repeat.

The interaction between an Etherikos Resilience Process™ practitioner and client is like an alchemical dance of energy that requires constant presence and attention to subtle movements and changes within the client’s energy field. During the sessions, the client may explore various altered states of consciousness, including biographical, perinatal, and transpersonal levels of awareness, so that complete healing occurs.

The Etherikos Professional Certification Training Program prepares our students for a clear understanding of the seven steps to healing. In addition, we offer a strong foundation in the practice of The Five Axioms of Spiritual Healing.