The seminars with Dr. Nicholas Demetry were confirmation for me and helped me to preserve my belief in myself—especially in my emotional self. I received plenty of new teachings during these years, and I have had the ongoing experience that “we” really can help other people using this healing method.

Dr. Demetry’s teaching and his healing method is very easy to understand, and it can be applied to any type of problem, at any age, as a successful solution.

I especially like to work with young children and, as I have experienced, we can help each other even if we are not professional healers.

Lea, 23 years old Hungary

I first discovered Dr. Nicholas Demetry’s teachings in 2000. Thanks to his seminars, I was able to study a healing method that is based on compassion and the teachings of Christian mystics — a teaching that is very clear and neutral. His teachings and meditations are a very important part of my daily activity. They have brought harmony, understanding, acceptance, and expansion in my life and have resulted in very deep healings.

His healing methods have been the basis of my healing practice for almost five years. Thanks to these methods, the commitment and responsibility of the patients toward themselves has increased. Their personalities became more stable and balanced. It brought peace and harmony to their lives. Their creativity increased, and they see their goals more clearly and are more determined to reach them.

I have applied this healing method for mothers expecting babies. These mothers could build a deep and very close connection with their babies to be. The babies who were born after these healings were more balanced, peaceful, and quiet than their elder brothers or sisters.

After using this healing method for children, I can say that the children are very sensitive to the Archangels’ energies, and they like these colors and energies. They can easily get closer to their own colors that bring them joy and happiness. Their focusing ability increased, and they could easily keep their natural inner balance.

I feel deep gratitude that I have had the chance to travel this path.


Krisztina Abonyi Spiritual Healer, Hungary

Nick Demetry is an extraordinary personality — very fine, sensitive, and light. He lives impersonal love, is always present and open for other persons, and can awaken the Healing Light and the impulse for the Divine.

Michaela Pfaff Pharmacist, Germany

The Etherikos Resilience Process™ is a miraculous, mystical journey, where you experience deep integrative healing through merging individual and universal archetypal unconscious with your conscious awareness.

Shawne Murray, D.O.

The Etherikos One Year Certification in Spiritual Healing and Transpersonal Psychology was a truly enlightening experience. Dr. Demetry and his teaching assistants provided essential building blocks for my exploration of spiritual healing. I look back fondly on the connections I made with classmates and regularly use insights learned during that year.

Linda Rayner, M.D. Holistic Physician

I have been a practitioner of the One Brain System of kinesiology for 14 years, and have taught the basics of this system for the past 6 years.

I met Dr. Nicholas Demetry 7 years ago and began studying the Etherikos Resilience Process with him. By attending his courses and meditations, I have increased my proficiency in helping people — not only with stress release, but in attaining real healings.

These teachings and meditations have been indispensable in the development of my consciousness, self-knowledge, and spirituality. Thanks to Nick, meditation has become my daily practice, helping me to become a clearer channel for the healing powers of the Archangels.

Nick has helped give me the courage to share his teachings with the people who come to me for healing. After the healings, these people are more open to the higher energies. They start to see their worlds in a more holistic way, and they are ready to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

Edit Szarvas Kinesiology Practitioner and Teacher

The Etherikos Resilience Process™ training is a unique blending of Christian mysticism, spiritual healing, transpersonal psychology, shamanism, and the precepts of Eastern spirituality brought together as an integral healing and spiritual practice for the new millennium consciousness. Dr. Demetry spent many years in the study and practice of various sacred traditions integrating the universal aspects of these teachings with his experiences as a psychiatrist and counselor. The healing practices are practical and the results self-evident as exemplified by the testimonials of students internationally.

Petewashere Designer

Dr. Demetry is able to relieve people from blockades of the ego by his lectures and by his carefully guided, genuine exercises. In that way, people reconnect with the energy flow of their spiritual source.

Dr. Gisela Rösch Stuttgart

Dr. Nicholas Demetry teaches and heals at the same time. He teaches us how to discover ourselves — the route we have already completed and the route that is waiting for us. He helps us to understand that we create our life, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not in a good way, but there is always the possibility to transform it. He teaches also how to ask for help because we are never alone.

He heals the wounds we have gotten. He teaches us how to heal ourselves and how to help others in their healing.

As a psychologist, I have received a completely different approach to life and a spiritual healing method that makes me happier and helps me in leading other people to their own happiness.

Laura Szabó Psychologist, ELTE (University for Science) Institute of Psychology

I have been studying the different kinds of healing methods for more than 20 years as a hobby. I have also visited several healers as a patient. However, the ERP method has been the only one that has provided me with really deep healings.

This method helped me to change my attitude toward my life and released many blocks in me due to my wounds in this or past lives. Thanks to this healing method, I feel more whole. By the completion of Dr. Nicholas Demetry’s school, I was able to process big changes in my life and make a decision that I will soon start a professional healing practice. I believe that this healing work will be part of my life’s goal.

Kriho-Földes Irén HR and Carrier Adviser

Dr. Nicholas Demetry’s teaching and healing method is one of the most important things I have encountered in my life. It has awakened in me the memory of where I came from and where I really belong. It has shown me how to live in this world and how to go home consciously. I feel deep gratitude for having the chance to experience this teaching in my life.

Attila Csaba Hungary