Spiritual Healing


 What is Spiritual Healing?

Most human illness begins from dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction creates desire for fulfillment through an flowersoutside object or source, as a substitute for inner peace. Constant desire builds negative forces within us that draw life energy away from our normal body processes, clear thinking and feeling. Gradual breakdown of these processes leads to disease or the worsening of existing illness.

Through clearing the energy centers of the body—the Chakras—we can achieve a state of clarity, wholeness, healing and inner peace.

Love animates all life, restoring health and well-being to us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. By recognizing that Divine Love is the healer within each of us, we help individuals to focus their energies on this profound healing force.

Foundations of Spiritual Healing

Etherikos derives from the ancient Greek word meaning “subtle energy that governs life.” From the writings of the Greek physician, Hippocrates, to modern scientific research into bio-energy that governs and sustains all life, energy and healing go hand in hand with the repair of our spirit, mind, emotions, and body. Resilience is our ability to fight back and rebound from the most adverse human conditions and to grow as individuals. However, resilience is only possible through the life-energy body. All healing begins with the activation, cleansing and rebalancing of our life-energy body (etheric soma).


Through our development as children, we have accumulated memories of experiences that shape our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. These patterns are stored in the energy body as charged thought-emotion complexes we call elementals. Negative elementals can influence our mind, emotions and physical body unfavorably. Through the clearing of these “energy parasites,” we activate our resilience and life energy for physical health, emotional joy, happiness, mental clarity and the spiritual presence of unconditional love.

Each of the body’s seven major energy centers, or Chakras (from Sanskrit — wheel of energy), activates at different stages of our development — from childhood onward. These centers act as bridges for the flow of life energy between our spirit, mind, emotions, and body. Each center governs specific instincts and areas of psychological mastery, ranging from survival/self-preservation skills to intimacy and bonding in relationship to social/career abilities and on to higher virtues such as love, empathy, and compassion. By clearing these energy centers of the elementals blocking them, we can access deeper experiences of our spiritual nature.