Institute for Spiritual Healing and Education


Freedom and Charitable Service.


The love of freedom and the quest for freedom are core qualities of humanity. Freedom to live as one desires is a motivation that we seek in all areas of life. Those that identify with their country seek national or political freedom.  Those inspired by economic desires seek economic freedom. Those oriented by religious inspiration seek religious freedom. Those who are identified by social or cultural ideals seek freedom to express their beliefs.

As a great Indian Avatar once shared: “Even if all the external conditions of a free life were completely fulfilled and guarantied, the soul of man would still remain in woeful bondage if it failed to realize spiritual freedom”. Meher Baba.


All types of freedom identified with external conditions are defined by the ever changing conditions of this world of duality in which we live. Even when the conditions appear promising, secure and permanent they are capable of deteriorating over time. We only need to study various movements in history to witness this fact.

On the other hand, spiritual freedom liberates the soul of the enslavement of outer desire and wanting something outside itself to be happy. When we free ourselves of this human condition and the dissatisfaction it brings, we embrace the unity of all life and the abiding happiness that only spiritual freedom gives.


Charitable service intends to bring the basic necessities of life to those in need, such as, food, shelter, clothing, education and medicine. At the same time, we must recognize that those in the world who are in the throws of mental, emotional and spiritual suffering from the bondage they feel to the inner conditions of life; to loneliness, depression, despair, lack of love, impoverished human values are in just as much need of support.


The aim of our non-for-profit foundation is to promote peace and harmony in the world through educating individuals using methods that improve the spiritual and psychological qualities of their lives and the development of compassion and conflict resolution.


We believe that through the inner transformation of self defeating attitudes and beliefs and the healing of life traumas, a more positive and a more spiritually centered inner lifewill unfold. A life based on the universal values of compassion and unconditional love that will bring an improvement in the outer quality of life lived.


Many of our students have become leaders in their own communities promoting the aims of our foundation. We teach healing techniques for dealing with depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, marital and family conflict, racial and ethnic divides and the emotional suffering that individuals and families have endured through political oppression in post war. The programs are taught by Dr. Nicholas Demetry, a medical doctor specializing in psychiatric medicine, cultural psychology and spiritual and alternative medical practices. He is joined by his wife Maria Demetry a counselor and natural healer and a support staff of qualified professionals.


The majority of our work is now centered in the European countries. We are requesting financial assistance for two major projects: for the construction and operation of aneducational healing center, and scholarships for the education of those in need.