Etherikos Travel Adventures

Spiritual Journeys can enrich your life in many different ways. Every trip offers unique opportunities for spiritual renewal and heart awakening. The trips are fun and safe for you and your family. Each tour offers the participants seminar time, visits to important sites and free time for relaxation and individual explorations.

Nurturing the soul is our aim at Etherikos. We provide seminars on a variety of spiritual topics in a supportive environment always available through our staff of helpers and seminar presenters.

– Having fun
– Relaxation
– Energy renewal
– Making new contacts
– Receiving new and valuable experiences
– Being challenged for positive growth
– Opening your mind and heart to deeper dimensions of your self and others
– Encountering new cultures and environments
– Honoring the earth and nature
– Visiting sacred sites
– Nurturing your soul
– Re-awakening soul’s purpose
– Becoming human again
– Rekindling creativity
– Vision questing for new solutions to solve daily problems
– Experiencing freedom here and now.
– Happiness

2018 coming trips

June 14 – 24

Mystical Malta. A spiritual journey into the past, present and future. Location-Island of Malta.,,,,

September 15 – 22

Annual spiritual retreat. Patmos, Greece.,,,,