Training Programs in Spiritual Medicine

and Transpersonal Psychology

(One Year and Three Year Programs available)


Spiritual Medicine Program Topics

  • Application of Spiritual Interventions and Principles in Medicine and Healing
  • Meditation and Prayer
  • Introspection and Soul Encounter
  • Healing the Wounded Religious Child
  • The Enneagram System of Personality Types and Development
  • Fundamentals of Spiritual and Religious Counseling
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Developmental Stages of Consciousness and Addictions
  • Self-Limiting Thought Patterns and Illness
  • Integrating Psycho-spiritual Techniques into Clinical Practice
  • Transpersonal Interventions for Guilt-related Issues and the Shadow in Psychotherapeutic Practice
  • Transpersonal States of Healing
  • Working with Family Dysfunction and Abuse from a Spiritual and Healing Perspective
  • Marriage, Relationships, and Spirituality
  • Archetypes of the Soul


Application of Spiritual Interventions and Principles in Medicine and Counseling


classes1Many clinical studies have demonstrated the positive benefits of prayer, meditation and pastoral counseling in a variety of physical and mental conditions. These spiritual interventions have benefited those who have received them by enhancing the quality of life, improving coping skills, reducing stress, and even in some cases contributing to shortening recovery time from depression and various physical conditions.

This course bas been designed to introduce counselors, medical doctors and allied health professionals to the practical application of spiritual principles and    practices for the office setting.

Participants in this course will learn the meaning and the application of five major principles of spiritual healing:

  1. Unconditional love is the true agent of healing.
  2. Spiritual perspective radically reframes one’s view of illness and wounding.
  3. Self-responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions (the domain of the personality and its intentions) is essential to well being.
  4. Spiritual healing is possible only in the present moment, where time yields to the miraculous and eternal.
  5. Contact with the Holy Spirit can help participant connect with “Higher” or “God” self.

Participants will explore a variety of spiritual practices commonly employed for spiritual healing including meditative prayer, ‘hands-on’ healing, traditional (ritualistic) prayer and guided imagery.

The instructors will give clear examples of how to apply the above principles through lectures and demonstrations and will expect the participants to practice the various exercises and techniques given and show an adequate level of proficiency in their practice.


The Enneagram System of Personality Types and Development


images-2The Enneagram system describes nine different personality types and their interrelationships. The system is part of a psycho-spiritual teaching tradition that views personality preoccupations as teachers, or indicators of latent abilities that unfold during the development of higher consciousness.

The Enneagram offers the counselor/psychotherapist a valuable tool in better understanding the inner dynamics of thoughts, feelings, psychological defenses and motivations of patients regardless of where they stand on the continuum of health to mental pathology. Understanding type can bring deep insights to patients and the fertile ground for positive emotional and behavioral change vital to the successful therapeutic process.

This course has been designed to introduce the participants to Enneagram theory and the understanding of the nine personality types. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice typing with one another and acquire the skills to type patients through an interview technique developed by the instructors. Each participant will receive hand out materials that include charts describing the personality types, diagrams showing the interrelationship of the nine types, interview techniques for determining type and relevant additional materials to include a reading list of books on the topic.

Participants will be expected to participate in all sessions and acquire reasonable skills in the understanding of the Enneagram system and the typing interview process.




classes4Etherikos offers the Professional Certification Program in Spiritual Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology that leads to certification and efficiency in the practice of specialized complementary healing methods to enhance and improve the well-being and quality of people’s lives.

Classes in the United States convene for 1 year, 6 times a year, 2 1/2 days (Friday pm, through Sunday). Classes in Europe convene for 3 years, 2 times a year, 4 days (Thursday through Sunday). Each class begins with a meditation and group healing process. Lecture, demonstrations, individual practice sessions, monitoring for skill acquisition and group discussions all facilitate the learning process. Call for information regarding other countries.

A university degree program in the health field and licensure for the practice of various health care disciplines is not offered by Etherikos.



Each graduate will receive certification upon full completion of the Etherikos Certification Program in Spiritual Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology.



Private sessions for individuals are available at several locations in the United States and internationally. Guided meditation CDs are also available.


Adjunctive Workshop:

The Systemic Orders of Love

All spiritual realities and values are mirrored to us in our basic relationships — in our family of origin and in our present family or relationship. “Orders of Love” is what we term those energetic and emotional powers in relational systems which disastrously entangle individuals into the fate and guilt of other family members, even over many generations. This happens due to the love-bonds and loyalties, but with unhealthy effects. We also see the same orders at work in relationships when we follow them in a healing way.

We use the method of “family-positioning,” pioneered by Bert Hellinger (Germany). The individual who wants to find a solution, chooses from the group as many representatives as belong to their family system and places them in the room according to the inner picture they hold in their heart and soul.

In doing so, first the entanglements are brought forth and become conscious. Then we reposition all members of a system (family of origin or present family) with the help of the therapist, until the solution is clear. Thus, the new healing order is brought to light through emotional and verbal expression. All members of a system will experience release and healing when standing in their rightful place.

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