An Interview

An Interview with Dr. Demetry

Dr. Demetry, what was your personal path guiding you to the work you are doing now? How were you guided to the work of Daskalos, the Christian mystic and spiritual healer?

My interest in spirituality began while studying trans-cultural psychiatry and mental health at the University of Hawaii Psychiatric Training Program from 1976 to 1980.
 During this time I had the opportunity to experience the mental health system in the developing South Pacific country of Papua New Guinea. While there, I witnessed traditional shamanic healers and the western scientific medical system side by side. Some of the individuals treated by the shamans improved, or were healed, where western medical approaches failed to obtain results. I also learned that depression and anxiety did not exist in Papua New Guinea before modern urban cities and universities were developed! I observed that the shifting belief systems and attitudes of these indigenous people undergoing westernization and modernization were impacting their health and creation of new diseases. I committed myself to discovering the deeper causative factors in mental health and disease.

From 1980 to 1990, I explored many traditional healing methods including acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, energy healing, meditation practices, chakra reading, and intuitive counseling. I incorporated some of these methods into my psychiatric and healing practice with very good results. Yet, deeper within me was a driving motivation to discover myself as a spiritual being, to know myself and my higher purpose in life, and to understand the purpose and meaning of existence. In 1990, my spiritual pilgrimage led me to Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis, better known as Daskalos. In Daskalos, I found a true human being in the highest sense of the word — a man, a spiritual being expressing the highest virtues especially that of humility and divine love in his every day life. Daskalos embodied within his life the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

This deep mystical connection awakened in me an understanding of my own inner essence and the divine love and compassion that exists within each of us. Through my studies with Daskalos, I learned that all healing is spiritual in nature and always begins with love no matter what method or technique one uses. As my own relationship to divine love and inner peace grew, I was guided to develop a therapeutic healing approach called Etherikos Resilience Process to awaken soul awareness and deeper healing in individuals.

Gradually under the encouragement of my friends and Daskalos himself, I researched the nature of what Daskalos referred to as “elementals” — negative emotion-thought complexes in my patients. These elementals act as “living entities” or what the early Christians called “demons” in our etheric (subtle energy field) of our personalities and draw on our life energy leading us to destructive behaviors and desires. Jesus Christ gave the parable of the “unclean spirit” that speaks of the nature of elementals. By clearing the etheric energy field of an individual of negative elementals with the Etherikos Resilience Process, I witnessed deep spiritual healing and awakening in my patients.

Daskalos also emphasized the importance of our spiritual helpers—the Angels and Archangels—aspects of the Holy Spirit. The Archangels create and maintain the worlds of existence for our experience and renew our etheric vitality and health, heal our wounds and assist us to develop many virtues including love, peace, compassion, humility, courage, hope, gratitude, and positive optimism. The Archangelic healing meditation, which Daskalos taught, I continue to share in my classes for self-healing and connecting with the inner light, love, and peace of Holy Spirit.

What is the content of your training, and what is your concern and knowledge, which you share and pass on to the people you work with?

The Etherikos Center is offering a dynamic three year training program in spiritual healing, transpersonal psychology, and holistic health. The program is suitable for both beginning students seeking self-healing and for those more experienced to learn healing methods for body, heart, mind, and soul. Central to the spirit of the Etherikos Program is the belief that love and an awakened heart are central for those seeking to gain true healing. The seminars take place once every 6 months for 3 years and include many topics including: theory and practice of spiritual healing, working with Archangelic energies for healing, understanding and transforming your personality through the Enneagram, cleansing your etheric energy body and chakra centers of negative elementals, trans-generational, hereditary healing, transforming your guilt, sorrow, fear, and anger into the higher consciousness of love and peace, and awakening your inner healer and master of higher consciousness.

The training program is designed to take students on a healing journey of three major steps in developing their higher consciousness and awakening their Inner Light of Truth. The first step is focused on cleansing the personality and ego of its identification with false beliefs and life stories that fuel negative elementals and destructive self-defeating behavior. The second step continues the purification process of spiritual awakening through the development of virtues and deeper communion with the Holy Spirit and the Inner Light. The third step is surrender to divine love, truth and ones true purpose living daily life with joy, compassion, gratitude and sacredness, living in spiritual freedom and peace.

My purpose is to assist individuals to awaken to their true self and live with love and peace for all life. Our Planet is in a major planetary transformation now. The uncertainties of daily living, the threat of terrorism and fanaticism, apocalyptic thinking and global economic collapse overshadow what can be a time of inner peace and sacred living. To rekindle hope, faith, and joy, we need to reestablish a deep connection to spiritual peace, love, and inner stillness. Renewal of body, mind, heart, and soul can then occur, and spiritual healing for personal and planetary transformation can take place! Each individual that heals and awakens can and will make a difference to the Planet’s future and destiny. The choice is ours!

What are some of the things you can expect to learn/receive during this three year training?

  • Awareness of the energy fields of oneself, others, and the planet and how changes in the energy body bring changes in consciousness.
  • Cultivating inner peace.
  • A deeper understanding of love, compassion, and empathy.
  • Acceptance of oneself and others.
  • Neutrality for conflict resolution.
  • Willingness for positive changes.
  • Courage to face the uncertainties of the future.
  • Communication skills for dealing with global change.
  • Developing a unifying vision for stewardship of the Planet.
  • Discovering new energy centers within to support one’s smooth transition into the emerging paradigm of global spiritual awakening.
  • Methods to heal yourself and heal others
  • Meditation techniques to contact Angelic and Archangelic helpers.
  • How to apply spiritual principles to manifest abundance.
  • How to cultivate spiritual freedom and develop direction of service for global transformation.
  • Tools to develop a healing practice to help others.
  • Discovering your inner healer and master teachers.
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