About Dr. Demetry

N icholas Demetry, M. D., is a holistic psychiatrist, healer and teacher. He has studied and taught the importance of spirituality for mental health and personal wellbeing for over 30 years. After receiving his Medical Degree from the Emory University School of Medicine, he studied transcultural psychiatry and mental health at the University of Hawaii. His keen interest in international travel, transcultural healing practices and spiritual wisdom traditions motivated him to work in the mental health system in Papua, New Guinea, where he observed traditional shamanic healers and the Western, scientific medical system side by side.


Committed to discovering the deeper causative factors in mental health and disease, Dr. Demetry undertook a variety of spiritual practices and a journey that led him to Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (better known as Daskalos), a Cypriot mystic, psychologist and healer who showed him that an understanding of spirituality can further the healing process. Dr. Demetry has his private practice in Atlanta and is the director of the Etherikos Center. He offers programs and classes throughout the world.

Dr. Demetry has co-authored the book Awakening Love (Blue Dolphin Press), which integrates collective religious philosophy, individual spiritual experiences, and modern-day psychology as means of spiritual healing. His second book, Divine Partnership (Etherikos Press), explores the energetic dynamics of our relationships and how the power of Divine Love can bring healing and spiritual transformation within oneself and in partnership. The book teaches techniques for couples attempting to restore love and harmony in their union.

In addition, he has released a series of four CDs of guided chakra meditations also entitled Awakening Love. The guided meditations on these CDs – read by Dr. Demetrywith accompanying music composed by Eddie Horst – enable the listener to get in touch with whatever aspects of their personalities that are blocked. Over the course of multiple listenings, deep insights can be realized promoting a climate for spiritual healing.

Dr. Nicholas Demetry